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Recurring Email Assets: How to Use Email to Make Recurring Income Streams

Recurring Email Assets: How to Use Email to Make Recurring Income Streams

Dear Friend,

It’s no secret that conversion rates are low when you’re trying to persuade cold prospects to buy your product. That’s one reason so many savvy marketers entice prospects onto mailing lists with freebies, and then follow-up with three, five, seven or more emails to build trust and close the sale.

But if you’ve ever created an autoresponder series with the goal of directly selling a product, then you know it’s no walk in the park. It takes a little finesse to pitch products in a way that seems useful, rather than just giving your readers that uncomfortable feeling that they’re being “sold to.”

That’s where these five “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates come in – which you can use to write your autoresponder series, build trust with your subscribers, and start closing more sales.

So give these follow-up templates a try starting today, and see if they don’t give a boost to your conversion rates…
Email #1: Intro Email

Subject: Download [Name of Freebie Product] Here…

Alternative Subject: Thank you for choosing [Name of Freebie]…


Stay tuned,


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attending daughters basketball tournament in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

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A New Simple Site Big Profits University Review

A New Simple Site Big Profits University Review

Hello Fellow Wealth Builder,

Today, I have a new review for you. But first let me ask you a question after a little context...

I mean, the euro is crumbling, economies are playing teeter totter on the edge of a massive cliff and the direction of many of our economies is anyone's guess.

So, what is your opinion of the economic climate where you live?


I have a little video for you today. It is something that you probably haven't seen before. Let me know what you think of my first attempts.

Best wishes,
Todd D. Lloyd
"Cutting It Straight"

P.S. Coming up next is the finishing touches on my first review. Can you say #1 on Google? I can and I wouldn't believe it if I had not tested this out...Give me your suggestions on what you'd like to see? Screenshots, video, pdf. I will not research and publish content in formats you can take a pass on. Let me know. (Thank You)

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How to Embed URL in Youtube Videos

How to Embed URL in Youtube Videos

Hello Friends,

This question came up and I wanted to provide a little answer here that cuts straight to what you need. I'll assume you have already opened a Youtube account and are able to navigate over to the upload your video page. That being done, you need to click on the link to start uploading your video. Just below that section, you want to enter your description in a way that will please Youtube and make it as easy as possible for visitors to click on your link and go to your site. Another benefit of making this link clickable is that the link points back to your website.  Here is a picture of this in process.

Make a clickable link for Youtube videos

Here's How to Do It With Ease!

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Real Money Review | 15 Minute Google Domination Fact or Fiction?

BUY-15-MINUTE-GOOGLE-DOMINATION-2Real Money Review | 15 Minute Google Domination Fact or Fiction?

Real Money Review - 15 Minute Google Domination Fact or Fiction?

This review is of a product "15 Minute Google Domination." It is a series of look over your shoulder videos, 6 in total plus an email link for exclusive access to the product authors. The techniques are discussed thoroughly on video. Perfectly laid out in step by step detail.

The big promise on the sales page, "It takes 2-10 minutes for each keyword, and you will find yourself with a top 10 ranking." That is quite a big promise since you see companies paying millions on advertising and search engine rankings specialists.

Google, as you know is the number one search engine online. Getting traffic from them since they control the majority of the online traffic pie is elusive. This is the curse of most website owners, blogger's and business people today. Placement on or ranking in Google is of utmost concern to anyone looking to make any revenue from their web properties.

The steps involved were no more than 6 total. It took me two hours to watch the videos. And yes, I did have to re-watch a few of them to get a better understanding of the material. You could probably look at them once and 'get it.' These are steps that anyone can do. I am not a tech savvy person. The videos laid everything out. All I did was what the videos said.

You should know that some of the links in the video are to pages that have moved. I have work arounds to the proper pages and the current urls you would need. You can get those as my gift for the asking after I finish my test. Thankfully, this will be a quick test.

My success or failure is dependent upon fulfilling the big promise since . . . "It takes 2-10 minutes for each keyword, and you will find yourself with a top 10 ranking."I love those because my ADHD kicks in and I need to move on to my daughters basketball game or something else.

To be transparent here, you should know that I personally purchased this product with the hopes of making a Google top ten ranking just as the sales page promises. Did my experience achieve that? You will have to read part two of this live test to find out. Until then, keep your positive attitude. Remember to return to Cutting It Straight where we tell you the truth about what works now!

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My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

I am writing my first blog post and feel the need to share with you how I hope my blog contents will turn out.

I have been dealing in the business world since 1992. I started out working for a grocery store as a grocery clerk.
This was a very humbling and rewarding experience.  I worked my way up the chain by being good at "customer service".
I've always loved dealing with people. And, this was really quite natural for me.

I worked there and saved my money so I could go to college. This was a very expensive process. After finishing my second year in college, I had to join the U.S. Army in order to fulfill my lifelong dream of being in the Army and traveling the world over. I was stationed in Stuttgart West Germany for three years.

After the Army, I attended university and finished my degree and immediately went to work. So, for the past 19 years I have been working in sales and marketing for an assortment of medical companies. As many of you may know, health care in America and its delivery is changing. These changes are for the better I believe. It is just that entire industries are forced to adapt to the new system. With those changes comes layoff's big time. This is the hard part.

I am striving to turn my business and life experiences into something that can help others to succeed in life and in online business.

Talk with you soon,

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